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Mystery Album Evening

For awhile now there has been an internet joke about how you randomly choose your band name/title/album. Lots of posting to reddit or friends on facebooks “Haha, check out my new album”. Joking around about it one evening it dawned on us we could make it a bit more interesting.

A Mystery Album Evening begins with the creation of a band and album using the following rules:

  1. Get the band name from a random wikipedia article.
  2. Get the album title from the last 4 words of the last quote here.
  3. Get the 3rd random image with the tag “interesting” from Flickr

Take those elements and a quick photo edit with text and you have your new album.

We then take it a step further and record the whole album in the evening. Everything is improv. When the musicians begin to show up for the evening we click some links and random up an album with a little help from Photoshop. Before we start everyone takes a moment to jot down the names of the songs they would expect to see on the back of the album cover we just made. We use those notes for inspiration during the evening to come up with the finished album.

Nothing is rehearsed and anything goes. Being the first time for these songs It’s not perfect but it is all soul. The musicians change from week to week.

When we arrive at the studio we will roll the random pages and see what the evening band will be.


Mystery Album Evenings:

1. Wolfen – Your Point of View

2. Pontsian – When it Grows Up

3. Matsugasaki Station – Either Charming or Tedious

4. Walton Ranger – Have Found a Truth

5. Frederick W Stickney – Imperfections, that’s their Fault

6. Waves – Temper of the sufferer

7. Hotel Technology – End of the Moral Spectrum

8. Zero Tolerance – Say Nothing, Few are Silent

9. Route 35 – It Makes Things Happen

10. Post Office – Aim; You must Hit

11. Franchise Fee – Laughed at or Wondered Over

12. Second District – In the Presence of Witnesses

13. Bob and Ray – Don’t Repeat It

14. Perigea Xanthioides – Just Rattle Your Jewelry

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